What I do

I develop conventional and non-conventional technologies, solutions and prototypes for Laboratory, Research and Industry including

IT with OpenSource Tools
  • Linux Setting and Configuration
  • Software development
  • Embedded Systems
Ignition Systems
  • Ignition system test station
  • Ignition booster
  • Ignition system enhancement
  • Various Plasma Ignition
  • Interrupter
Pulse Motor-Generator
  • Newman Motor
  • Edwin Gray Motor
  • Bedini Motor
  • High-efficiency Electric Motor
Battery Charger
  • Capacitive Battery Charger
  • Pulse Battery Charger
Nikola Tesla Technology
  • Research in High-Voltage High-Frequency devices
  • 1-wire Energy transfer
  • Wireless Energy transfer
Vehicle Safety and Stability
  • Development of Gyroscope vehicles
  • Prototyping
Plasma Research
  • Surface decontamination / Disinfection
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects of Ozone
  • Plasma jet propulsion
  • Joseph Papp Motor (Nobelgas Motor)
  • Water Plasma Motor
Water Research
  • Viktor Schauberger Technology
  • Water plasma treatment
  • Water purifying
Alternative Fuel Research
  • Hydrogen HHO powered Engines
  • Conversion from gasoline to HHO fuel
  • Stanley Meyer Technology
  • Gasoline vapor fuel
  • Vapor fueled Engine
  • Liquid Fuel Vaporizer
  • Waste Oil gasification
  • Wood gasification

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