Daily Archives: May 20, 2013

Set or change mp3 Tag on Linux

Some time ago I was asked by a friend of how to change the information of mp3 file. After a little bit of googling, I found a tool called “id3tool” in debian squeeze. To use it just install using apt:

apt-get install id3tool

To see the functionality of this tool, just type:

id3tool -h


Happy Tagging!

CD burning from command line

This is how I burn ISO image using command line on Debian Squeeze:

1. Install “wodim” if it’s not already installed:

apt-get install wodim

2. Check available device:

wodim --devices


3. Burn ISO image (in this example CorePlus-4.7.7.iso from folder Downloads):

wodim -v dev=/dev/scd0 Downloads/CorePlus-4.7.7.iso


4. That’s it. Happy CD burning!