Install Nvidia Graphic Card on LMDE3 LTSP Fat-Client

After spending 2 or 3 hours figuring out how to install Nvidia Graphic Card on one of my LTSP Fat Client. I decided to document my steps here.

I’m going to explain first what my hardware are and how I proceed which was unsuccessful.

I bought a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4G graphic card and installed it on a Dell Optiplex 3020 Fat Client. I started the client and it was up and running with low display resolution. And I downloaded the latest driver from Nvidia homepage. I tried to install this driver on my LTSP Server and the installer software refused to do so because the graphic card is not installed on the server. O.K. now I take off the card from the client and install it on the server. Start the server and there was nothing except green-gray and then black frame, after about 15 seconds the motherboard was beeping. I thought that the card had some kind of static electricity. I took off the card, touch all the connector pins with wet hands and at the same time touching the server chassis. Install it again, same thing happened. I googled a little bit and found a hint here. My server’s motherboard doesn’t support this graphic card!

Again, try to find the answer on the internet, I found this link and this solved my problem. Here are my steps:

    1.  Install nvidia-driver, nvidia-settings and nvidia-detect:
$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver nvidia-settings nvidia-detect
    1.  Update LTSP Image:
$ sudo ltsp-update-image --cleanup /
    1. Restart LTSP Client.

That’s it! Now the client can be used with Nvidia graphic card. It’s that easy.