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Interrupter Circuit

Here is the interrupter circuit that I use on some of my plasma ignition videos. I also call this circuit “ignition coil igniter”. It consists of a frequency generator and two switching MOSFETs. 555 timer IC is utilized to generate pulses. The frequency can be adjusted by turning the potentiometer. This circuit can drive two ignition coils at the same time. I designed this circuit this way because I want to be able to make comparison between two ignition setups and see the result side-by-side.

Here is the schematic:

Interrupter Schematic Diagram

Before I drew the schematic, I tested various combinations on a breadboard. I use KiCAD to draw the schematic and also the PCB. On the final version I use IRF740 instead of IRF540. This type of MOSFET can handle higher voltage compare to the previous one.

Here is my home made PCB:

PCB bottom view
PCB top view

After the prototype was successfully built, I ordered the PCB from jlcpcb.com. Also Kaizen Technology offers services like Surface Mount Assembly, Prototype PCB Assembly, and Fast turn PCB Assembly.

Here is how it looks like:

PCB bottom view
PCB top view

That was the story of my ignition coil interrupter.