Tiny Core Linux 5.3: setting up ftp server (bftpd) for anonymous user

Here is how I set up an ftp server for anonymous user on Tiny Core Linux 5.3:

1. Using “Apps” install “bftpd” package and make it to load on boot:

apps_bftpd2. Edit file “/usr/local/etc/bftpd.conf” like following:

user ftp {
  #Any password fits.
#  DENY_LOGIN="Anonymous login disabled."

user anonymous {
  #If the client wants anonymous, ftp is taken instead.

Basically what I did was: comment out “DENY_LOGIN” and edit both “ROOTDIR” and “ALIAS”.

3. Save “bftpd.conf” to your persistence directory and edit file “/opt/bootlocal.sh”:

sudo echo "bftpd -d -c <YOUR/PERSISTENT/PATH>/bftpd.conf" >> /opt/bootlocal.sh"

4. That’s it!