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After finishing my studies in Electrotechnics and Master of Science in Photonics, I became a professional software engineer for 3D laser projection systems for industrial applications. As a fully convinced Linux Enthusiast and Network Expert I have worked as an IT-Consultant for Offices and Companies for the last two decades.

Since my childhood I like to observe natural phenomena and try to find a pattern about it. When developing devices I use the effects that I have observed. I always try to solve problems in a natural way, so that we can live in our environment without doing any harm to the nature. This is why I started my research in Alternative fuel and energy.

Due to my background, I become very interested in the research of Nikola Tesla. His theories are controverse to our todays fundamental laws of physics. Therefore, many of his inventions are still not fully understood thus not developed yet - for example his so-called Cold-Electricity, his global wireless energy transfer system and his Scalar Waves Theory. With the research that I conducted over the years, I can now understand some of his ideas.

Other than that I do research in a variety of fields like gyroscopic effects, Plasma applications, High-efficiency and High-power Motor-Generators.

To preserve the outcome of my research and investigation I develop prototypes.

If you have an idea and want to build an unusual or exotic prototype and you have no one to help you, feel free to contact me.

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