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HHO Cell – New Design

UPDATE: This project is now active for 6 days (until 8th of May 2018) on Kickstarter:

I have been researching HHO technology in my spare time for about ten years now. Many different cells have been built, many different driving techniques have been tried (DC, AC, Pulsed and Resonant). Now I have some experience in this field.

My current cell

My current cell can produce around 10 LPM with input power around 3000 Watts. This cell is driven using rectified 230V AC.

Gas production

To improve the gas production, now I come up with this new design. My target is to build a HHO cell that can run a 1.6 liter car engine. The gas production should be at least 30 liter/minute.

New cell specification:

  • 320 neutral plates (material 1.4571/316Ti, thickness 1.5 mm)
  • 2 terminal plates (material 1.4571/316Ti, thickness 3.0 mm)
  • 6 gas output outlets (12 mm pneumatic hose)
  • 2 water inlets (12 mm pneumatic hose)
  • Manometer (4 Bar)
  • Pressure switch (adjustable, to avoid over pressure)

Following are the complete technical drawings of my new design (all measurements are in millimeter).

Neutral plate (320 pcs.)

Terminal plate (2 pcs.)

End plate POM-C (2 pcs.)

Gasket EPDM between metal plates (thickness 1 mm, 321 pcs.)

Gasket EPDM for end plates (thickness 1 mm, 2 pcs.)

The complete cell should look like this

I hope that I can build this cell as soon as possible.

Arduino Code for my Gyrocar Toy

After so many requests of my code of my Gyrocar Toy on my YouTube channel. I decided to post my code here. This code is very primitive as I want to keep everything as simple as possible. Here is the complete code:

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo;
int potPin = 2; // select the input pin for the potentiometer
int val = 86;   // variable to store the value coming from the sensor
int outval = 86;
boolean pushedfront = false;
boolean pushedrear = false;
int lastval = 86;

void setup() {

void loop() {
 val = analogRead(potPin); // read the value from the sensor
 val = map(val, 0, 1023, -80, 279);

 outval = val;
 else if(val>120)

 else if(val<26){

 if(outval>110 && pushedfront==false){
 else if(outval<70 && pushedrear==false){

 else if(outval==50){


Please note that this toy is not yet finished. So maybe I have to make change of this code some time in the future.

GEET – Gasoline Vapor System

Lawnmower_1Since I got this Lawnmower, I always had one problem: if the engine is warm, it stopped to work and it could not be started anymore. But if the engine cooled down, it started without any problem. I have replaced spark plug, ignition coil and fuel line but I had no luck. This is AS-Motor Lawnmower with Briggs and Stratton engine. I thought before I buy a new carburetor, I will try something else: GEET System (more info: JNLLabs). With GEET Setup this Lawnmower works great.

This is the heart of GEET System:

lm_03 lm_04And here are some pictures taken by my 5-year-old son:

lm_05 lm_06 lm_07