Qt 5.3.0 SDK on Tiny Core Linux 5.3

After many hours of struggling trying to compile Qt 5 on Tiny Core, I found a nice script here. And here is what I have done to get it working.

Prerequisites: compiletc, squashfs-tools-4.x, libGL-dev, gtk2-dev and python.

1. Create “build” directory and “cd” into that directory:

tc@box:~$ mkdir build
tc@box:~$ cd build

2. Download source code from http://download.qt-project.org

tc@box:~/build$ wget http://download.qt-project.org/official_releases/qt/5.3/5.3.0/single/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.3.0.tar.gz

3. Save the following script and run it (I have modified this script for qt 5.3.0):

# This will package a release of QT5 SDK
tar xvzf qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.3.0.tar.gz

# Launch configure script
tce-load -i libGL-dev
# This will load all the X development files
tce-load -i gtk2-dev
# This is needed by the install script
tce-load -i python

cd qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.3.0

echo Starting QT configure script. Please choose the Open Source version
echo and accept the license if you want

./configure --prefix=/usr/local -qt-xcb

# Starting compilation process
make -j3
# Here we use the -j3 option because (don't know why) during
# the installation process the QT-SDK compiles the V8 Javascript
# VM
INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/qt-sdk make install -j3

# Packaging
cd ..
mksquashfs /tmp/qt-sdk qt5-sdk.tcz

4. If it’s finished, you can load qt 5 extension with this command:

tc@box:~/build$ tce-load -i qt5-sdk.tcz

5. If you want to load it automatically on boot, do the following commands:

tc@box:~/build$ sudo cp qt5-sdk.tcz /mnt/sda1/tce/optional/.
tc@box:~/build$ sudo echo "python" > /mnt/sda1/tce/optional/qt5-sdk.tcz.dep
tc@box:~/build$ sudo echo "qt5-sdk.tcz" >> /mnt/sda1/tce/onboot.lst

6. That’s it. Enjoy!